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Dive into Art Style: AQUIA, a fast-paced underwater puzzle game that asks you to think fast and move even faster. Help a scuba diver reach the ocean's floor by matching three or more colored blocks horizontally or vertically. The more blocks you match, the faster the diver will descend. Fail to clear blocks and the diver's air supply will start to run out, causing darkness to creep in from above and cloud your vision. Race against time in TIMED DIVE, dive deep in FREE DIVE mode or visit the AQUARIUM to view various sea creatures. Like every game in the Art Style series, AQUIA features elegant design, polished graphics and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience that focuses purely on fun and engaging game play.

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  • Genre: Puzzle (DSiWare)
  • Developer: Skip Ltd.
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 6, 2009
    EuropeApr 3, 2009
    JapanDec 24, 2008
    AustraliaApr 2, 2009
  • Also known as:
  • Art Style: AQUITE in Europe
  • Art Style Series: AQUARIO in Japan
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