Animal Crossing: Wild World Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Backroomgamer Feb 17, 2012 None
twister15 Aug 15, 2010 None
Daffila May 1, 2009 None
Pokemon cheater Jan 1, 2009 I have all fossils in my museum,Have the golden shovel,slinshot, and the Golden Can! I think this would count as "beating" the game. Even though there's really no end.
mfwilliams11 Jan 1, 2009 None
Areya Jan 1, 2009 None
Spiritual Jun 1, 2008 It may of taken a long time to complete this game, but even after cheating, and then cheating to un-cheat the game, I have sucessfully completed this game with a lot of spirit, and without cheating ;D.
meow0258 Oct 12, 2007 i used acion replay i run at warp speed and changed all weeds into 69000 bells wohoo you should buy action replay i can walk throught town hall and everything and i can walk on water
Sgt Uricchio Sep 26, 2007 all fish caught all bugs caught all fossils collected house paid off
WereJackal Sep 20, 2007 None
Matt3224 Sep 1, 2007 Played in total 1000+ hours. Obtained Royal Crown. Payed Off Debt.
PinkIsGood Aug 24, 2007 Took awile, I got all pictures, 7 crowns and 18 rotal crowns, all fish & bugs, got every item, got as many bells as you can, and got nookingtons, all without time travel OR Action Replay!
Acww10 Apr 18, 2007 i got everything it was hard
MalcolmS Mar 9, 2007 I got all the pictures, all neighbors, all bugs, fish, fossil, pictures fot the museum. I think I have all of the landscapes, I restarted about 600 times. And I completed everything on my cataloge. I have 999,999,999 bells and all of the wi fi items.
wobit15 Mar 1, 2007 I have a mansion and a fishing trophy and nookingtons!
tayjoe3000 Feb 18, 2007 None
zemeon Nov 24, 2006 None
Kent Nov 19, 2006 Got a mansion, got Nookingtons, got a crown, paid all the mortgage.
Jimbo999 Sep 18, 2006 Every fish, every bug, every item, all the money, completely everything there is too own.
tekmosis Jul 1, 2006 "Completed" as in "bored to death of it and stopped". - Only one golden tool ([b]shovel[/b]). - nice collection of bugs, fish and fossils.
BananaMonkey123 May 14, 2006 all gold stuff
Arietta Apr 1, 2006 100% completed without hacking. My others town were completed by hacking.
VercettiEstate Mar 1, 2006 None
yugiRULER Jan 1, 2006 Everything done - Complete catalogue - Mansion - All gold items - 300,000 HRA points - 5 million bells - Museum completed - All songs - 60 different character pictures - Nookingtons
Paper Mario Dude Jan 1, 2006 None
Zez Jan 1, 2006 None
Shadow1643 Jan 1, 2006 None
Gligar Jan 1, 2006 Viewed the credits ^_^
Nymosus No completion date Just a portable version of GC. Personal Rating: 5/10
Maxman No completion date i have everything
Jstar59 No completion date i know it's prctily imposible to beat animal crosing but i did everything
Kopper No completion date Um... If you can CALL it complete... This game can never be truly beaten, but I HAVE acheived a lot!
harvestbmg No completion date None.
Kingshade No completion date pretty good game, payed off all morgages, caught all fish and insects, and completed museum
Gotenks No completion date None
Agua No completion date None
SunnyDelight No completion date None
hamstar138 No completion date None
Gem Love Wist No completion date None
Aang34 No completion date None
dragonmk No completion date None
Cassandra No completion date None
Hellfire29 No completion date None
bohric No completion date None
Jordii No completion date None
darkside No completion date None
Meagan No completion date None
Zeta No completion date None
Mew No completion date i kinda beat this game in 2 days but i still play it now. Via wifi! meh not anymore.