Animal Crossing: Wild World Action Replay Codes

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Present Codes (DS) Europe

Anonymous Present
121D88FE 00005018
121D8900 00005018
121D8902 00005018

Unknown Present
rating: 1/5

Infinate bells (DS) Europe

Max/Infinite Bells
021dc544 0001869f

Have fun with your infinite bells!!

Flower Codes (DS) Europe

Red Tulips
121dc526 00000000

White Tulips
121dc526 00000001

Yellow Tulips
121dc526 00000002

Pink Tulips
121dc526 00000003

Purple Tulips
121dc526 00000004

Black Tulips
121dc526 00000005

White Pansies
121dc526 00000006

Yellow Pansies
121dc526 00000007

Red Pansies
121dc526 00000008

Purple Pansies
121dc526 00000009

Orange Pansies
121dc526 0000000a

Blue Pansies
121dc526 0000000b

White Cosmos
121dc526 0000000c

Red Cosmos
121dc526 0000000d

Sun Cosmos
121dc526 0000000e

Pink Cosmos
121dc526 0000000f

Orange Cosmos
121dc526 00000010

Black Cosmos
121dc526 00000011

Red Roses
121dc526 00000012

White Roses
121dc526 00000013

Yellow Roses
121dc526 00000014

Pink Roses
121dc526 00000015

Orange Roses
121dc526 00000016

Purple Roses
121dc526 00000017

Black Roses
121dc526 00000018

Blue Roses
121dc526 00000019

Jacob's Ladder
121dc526 0000001a

Gold Roses
121dc526 0000001c

121dc526 0000001d

Dandelion Puffs
121dc526 0000001e

Four Leaf Clover
121dc526 00000020

Good Luck!!

Speed Modifier for EU!! (DS) Europe

Speed Modifier for EU, credits by ShinyPalkia

Make in XXXX the speed you want.

921C9684 00000002
1238ABA8 0000XXXX
D0000000 00000000
rating: 3/5

coordinate modifer eu (DS) Europe

b21ca754 00000000
94000130 ffbe0000
d9000000 fffffac0
d4000000 ffffff30
d6000000 fffffac0
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ff7e0000
d9000000 fffffac0
d4000000 000000d0
d6000000 fffffac0
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ffde0000
d9000000 fffffab8
d4000000 ffffff30
d6000000 fffffab8
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ffee0000
d9000000 fffffab8
d4000000 000000d0
d6000000 fffffab8
d2000000 00000000

hold a to walk aniwhere credit to virus and game-hackers

Text to Item (DS) Europe

Type in the hex number in the chat and press start+select. Then the item will appear in the inventory. Beware, they may be seeds. Use the hex fff1 to remove them.

(Europe code)

94000130 FFF30000
023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 0000006E
E59F1054 E3A02000
E3A0000C E4D13001
E3530060 B2433030
C2433057 E0822013
E2400004 E3500000
E5D00000 E3500000
059F0018 05D00000
059F101C 159F101C
E59F801C E0211890
E1C120B0 E12FFF1E
021D3F14 022B3356
021CF970 021DC526
021D384E 0000228C
023FF090 E3520003
D2000000 00000000

note: I didn't make this code

Gender Modifier (DS) Europe

Player 1 - 221dcc8e 0000000x
Player 2 - 221def1a 0000000x
Player 3 - 221e11a6 0000000x
Player 4 - 221e3432 0000000x

change X to one of the codes

0 - Boy
1 - Girl

Revive all flowers (DS) Europe

94000130 000002BE
D3000000 021E6D4C
C0000000 00001000
F2000000 00000002
DA000000 00000000
82000000 00000089
72000000 000000A5
D4000000 0000FF76
D0000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000
82000000 0000006D
72000000 00000089
D4000000 0000FF92
D0000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000
D7000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Up+A+R to activate

Recycle Bin Modifier (DS) Europe

121f08d6 0000xxxx
121f08d8 0000xxxx
121f08da 0000xxxx
121f08dc 0000xxxx
121f08de 0000xxxx
121f08e0 0000xxxx
121f08e2 0000xxxx
121f08e4 0000xxxx
121f08e6 0000xxxx
121f08e8 0000xxxx
121f08ea 0000xxxx
121f08ec 0000xxxx
121f08ee 0000xxxx
121f08f0 0000xxxx
121f08f2 0000xxxx

Replace the Xs with an item's hex number. Example 001c -- gold rose. Each line represents a slot in the Recycling Bin (15 slots, 15 lines).

[EU version]

Grass Modifier (DS) Europe

221e8f4c 000000XX

Change XX to one of the following codes.

00 Green w/triangles
01 Green w/circles
02 Green w/squares
0D Green (Pale)
10 Light Brown
22 Purple
2C Snow w/squares
2D Snow w/stars
2E Snow w/circles

These are not all of the possible types that are in the game.

[EU version]