Animal Crossing: Wild World Action Replay Codes

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A Few of Demonic's Codes [North America]

Name Changer Modifier 1.0
1st letter:
221D905E 000000XX
2nd letter:
221D905F 000000XX
3rd letter:
221D9060 000000XX
4th letter:
221D9061 000000XX
5th letter:
221D9062 000000XX
6th letter:
221D9063 000000XX
7th letter:
221D9064 000000XX
8th letter:
221D9065 000000XX
Name Changer Modifier 1.1
1st letter:
221D95DE 000000XX
2nd letter:
221D95DF 000000XX
3rd letter:
221D95E0 000000XX
4th letter:
221D95E1 000000XX
5th letter:
221D95E2 000000XX
6th letter:
221D95E3 000000XX
7th letter:
221D95E4 000000XX
8th letter:
221D95E5 000000XX
Name Changer Modifier EU
1st letter:
221DCC86 000000XX
2nd letter:
221DCC87 000000XX
3rd letter:
221DCC88 000000XX
4th letter:
221DCC89 000000XX
5th letter:
221DCC8A 000000XX
6th letter:
221DCC8B 000000XX
7th letter:
221DCC8C 000000XX
8th letter:
221DCC8D 000000XX

Replace XX with these:

00 - None
01 - A
02 - B
03 - C
04 - D
05 - E
06 - F
07 - G
08 - H
09 - I
0A - J
0B - K
0C - L
0D - M
0E - N
0F - O
10 - P
11 - Q
12 - R
13 - S
14 - T
15 - U
16 - V
17 - W
18 - X
19 - Y
1A - Z
1B - a
1C - b
1D - c
1E - d
1F - e
20 - f
21 - g
22 - h
23 - i
24 - j
25 - k
26 - l
27 - m
28 - n
29 - o
2A - p
2B - q
2C - r
2D - s
2E - t
2F - u
30 - v
31 - w
32 - x
33 - y
34 - z
35 - 0
36 - 1
37 - 2
38 - 3
39 - 4
3A - 5
3B - 6
3C - 7
3D - 8
3E - 9
3F - ?
DC - Water Drop
DD - Star
DE - Heart
DF - Music Note

Addresses Found By Demonic, Values Found By Game-Hackers.

Duplication Code All Players Online and Oflfine:

94000130 FCFF0000
023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 00000048
E28F2001 E12FFF12
7800480A 880A490A
4B0A241C 18094358
3C02530A 4808D5FC
49087800 241C880A
18094358 3C02530A
4770D5F2 021D02EC
021D88FE 0000228C
021CBD48 021CFC26
023FF090 E3520003
D2000000 00000000

How it works:
Press L+R to send the item in your first inventory slot to all slots. I know Dragonboy made this code and others as well but mines work online/offline/all players.

Offline Mail Present Attachment Modifier Addresses [1.0]

Slot 1: 121D8014 0000XXXX
Slot 2: 121D8108 0000XXXX
Slot 3: 121D81FC 0000XXXX
Slot 4: 121D82F0 0000XXXX
Slot 5: 121D83E4 0000XXXX
Slot 6: 121D84D8 0000XXXX
Slot 7: 121D85CC 0000XXXX
Slot 8: 121D86C0 0000XXXX
Slot 9: 121D87B4 0000XXXX
Slot 10: 121D88A8 0000XXXX

Addresses Found By me using DragonBoys Address Searching Code.
Verified by: Police Submitted by: Demonic722 on July 17, 2010
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A few of my codes (1.0) [North America]

Item Duplication code (Start+Select)
I'm aware that someone already made this code, but mine is different and works exactly the same.

94000130 FFF30000
023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 00000018
E59F100C E1D120B0
E2813002 E1C320B0
E12FFF1E 021D88FE
023FF090 E3520003
D2000000 00000000

Remote withdraw (L+R)
This code withdraws bells from your bank when you hold down L+R.

94000130 FCF30000
023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 00000038
E28F2001 E12FFF12
4A084907 48094D08
6814680B DA054283
DD0342AC 3C203320
6014600B 00004770
021D891C 021D8FC0
00000024 00018687
023FF090 E3520003
D2000000 00000000
Verified by: Police Submitted by: dragonboy269123 on January 20, 2009
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AC:WW 1.0 Pattern copy code [North America]

AC:WW pattern copy code

Let's say you go to a friend's town and they have an awesome pattern displayed on the ground, and you want it. Well, just stand on top of it and press L+R+A

It'll be copied into your first pattern slot

The name of the pattern and the creator name will be copied as well
So no stealing credit

94000130 FCFE0000
023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 000000BE
E28F2001 E12FFF12
68094926 D0472900
00D222A9 680B1A89
688A0B5B 2B100B52
2B50DB3E 2A10DC3C
2A50DB3A 3B10DC38
200F3A10 4018240F
4014091B 00400912
025B0164 190002D2
18C01880 5A0D4916
DB252DA7 DC232DC6
20003DA7 DB022D08
30013D08 4A15E7FA
23224350 3308011B
4B0E435D 181B195B
4C0D490E 29007809
490DDC02 4C097809
18644351 01092122
20223108 30040100
5022581A D5FB3804
00004770 021C6DEC
021E3124 021D6DDC
021CE104 021CBD48
021D02EC 0000228C
023FF090 E3520003
D2000000 00000000

I worked hard making this code so don't steal credit
Verified by: sachin123 Submitted by: dragonboy269123 on September 06, 2009
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All Dinosaurs In Museum [North America]

021ed0a0 11111111
021ed0a4 11111111
021ed0a8 11111111
021ed0ac 11111111
021ed0b0 11111111
021ed0b4 11111111
121ed0b8 00001111

All the Dinosaur Skeletons and Fossils will be in the museum. Version 1.1
Verified by: Gray Shadow, binxsbox Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: ---

All Fish In Museum [North America]

121ed0ba 00001111
021ed0bc 11111111
021ed0c0 11111111
021ed0c4 11111111
021ed0c8 11111111
021ed0cc 11111111
021ed0d0 11111111
021ed0d4 11111111

All the Fish will be in the Fish Section of the Museum.
Verified by: Gray Shadow, binxsbox Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: 3.00/5.00

All Full Grown Trees Hex Codes [Europe]

coconut tree: 00cc
Pine Tree: 0061
Money Tree: 005b
Apple Tree: 003b
Cherry Tree: 0053
Pear Tree: 004b
Peach Tree: 0033
Orange Tree: 0043
Verified by: verbalillusion Submitted by: Acww10 on June 15, 2008
rating: ---

All Gold Tools In Inventory (L+UP) [Europe]

94000130 FDBF0000
121DC526 0000136a
121DC528 00001373
121DC52A 00001375
121DC52C 00001377
121DC52E 00001379
121DC530 0000137b

When not looking at your inventory press L+UP and all the gold tools will be in the first six slots of your inventory.
Verified by: darkstar10, Police Submitted by: GoNintendo on September 07, 2008
rating: 3.00/5.00

All golden tools in recycling bin 1.1 [North America]

Warning:This will wipe everything out of your recycling bin

121ed22e 0000fff1
121ed230 0000fff1
121ed232 0000fff1
121ed234 0000fff1
121ed236 0000fff1
121ed238 0000fff1
121ed23a 0000fff1
121ed23c 0000fff1
121ed23e 0000fff1
121ed240 0000137b
121ed242 00001379
121ed244 00001377
121ed246 00001375
121ed248 00001373
121ed24a 0000136a
Verified by: xoxo_mae31, jamielynn790 Submitted by: sooperfoonvids on September 07, 2008
rating: 5.00/5.00

All Golden Tools In Recycling Bin(v1.1) [North America]

021ed22c 136afff1
021ed230 13751373
021ed234 13791377
021ed238 fff1137b
Verified by: saliandcali, ACWW_lover Submitted by: anonymous on March 28, 2009
rating: 5.00/5.00

All Golden Tools in v. 1.0 [North America]

121D88FE 0000137B
121D8900 00001379
121D8902 00001377
121D8904 00001375
121D8906 00001373
121D8908 0000136A

This code uses slot 1-6 in your inventory so be sure to clear it out.
Verified by: animal 0, Roseberry1226 Submitted by: Pokemeg9012 on January 13, 2008
rating: 5.00/5.00

All Golden Tools! [North America]

This code is for v1.1 version only.

94000130 000002BE
121d8e90 0000137b
121d8e92 00001379
121d8e94 00001377
121d8e96 00001375
121d8e98 00001373
121d8e9a 0000136a
D2000000 00000000

To activate, you can't be looking at your inventory, then press Up+A+R, and you have yourself all 6 off the golden tools. Also, the golden tools appear in the last 6 spaces of inventory, so if you don't want your items to dissapear, make sure your LAST 6 spaces of inventory are clear.
Verified by: sarah2366, Outsider237 Submitted by: min on January 01, 2008
rating: ---

All Insects In Museum [North America]

021ed0d8 11111111
021ed0dc 11111111
021ed0e0 11111111
021ed0e4 11111111
021ed0e8 11111111
021ed0ec 11111111
021ed0f0 11111111

The Insect Section in the Museum will have all of the bugs, complete.
Verified by: Gray Shadow, binxsbox Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: ---

All Items Cost/Worth 1 Bell [North America]

022a989c 00000001

Anything you sell or buy will be 1 Bell. Version 1.1.
Verified by: binxsbox Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: 3.00/5.00

All Paintings In Museum [North America]

221ed0f5 00000011
121ed0f6 00001111
021ed0f8 11111111
121ed0fc 00001111
221ed0fe 00000011

The Painting section of the museum will have all of the paintings. Version 1.1.
Verified by: Gray Shadow, binxsbox Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: ---

All Tools for Slot 1 [Europe]

121dc526 00001369

Golden Shovel
121dc526 0000136a

121dc526 0000136b

Golden Axe
121dc528 00001373

Fishing Rod
121dc528 00001374

Golden Rod
121dc528 00001375

121dc528 00001376

Golden Net
121dc528 00001377

Watering Can
121dc528 00001378

Golden Can
121dc528 00001379

121dc528 0000137a

Golden Slingshot
121dc528 0000137b
Verified by: xoxo_mae31 Submitted by: Acww10 on June 15, 2008
rating: 4.20/5.00

All Tree Hex codes [North America]

be carefull while spawning trees, they spawn where you are standing and push you causing you to spawn more trees at 1 time, to avoid this spawn trees while in menu so u don't move while spawning.

002a regular tree
00cc coconut palm
0043 orange tree
0033 peach tree
004b pear tree
003b apple tree
0053 cherry tree
005b money tree * unknown if money respawns
006a furniture cedar
006b bee cedar
006c bell cedar
006d festive tree *only lights at Christmas season
0061 pine tree
0066 furniture tree *random furniture every 3 days
0067 bee tree
0068 bell tree
0069 acorn
Verified by: Asifsys23, Flocktopus Submitted by: abcpat100 on July 14, 2008
rating: 1.00/5.00

Always Get Resseti (1.1) [North America]

221cdcf4 00000001

If you like geting on Resseti's last nerve, you'll get him every time.

Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: Gray Shadow on June 09, 2008
rating: ---

Anti-Seeding Code [North America]

Some people requested this code be on NeoSeeker as it is helpful so here ya go:

Anti-Seeding Code (A+B+L/A+B+R Disable/Enable Dropped Items):
94000130 FDFC0000
12037592 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFC0000
12037592 00008001
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FDFC0000
120375AA 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFC0000
120375AA 00008001
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FDFC0000
1203766E 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFC0000
1203766E 00008001
D2000000 00000000

Side Effects Include temporary no items in nooks/ables and when the code is on. A visitor can NOT turn the code off in the town owner's town. Have fun! Also, if you post this code on any other forums make sure you credit me and say "Demonic722 made this code".
Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: Demonic722 on July 08, 2011
rating: 4.00/5.00

ASM inventory modifier 99k bells (random, just for practice) for 1.0 [North America]

This code places 99k in your first inventory slot. It's a lot longer than a normal slot modifier code but it does the same thing.

023FF090 012FFF11
E0000000 00000012
E59F1004 E1DF20B4
E1C120B0 021D88FE
000014FD 00000000
023FF090 E3520003
Verified by: electricut Submitted by: dragonboy269123 on January 20, 2009
rating: ---

Bed Modifier 1.1 [North America]

Player 1 - 121D956E 0000XXXX
Player 2 - 121DB7FA 0000XXXX
Player 3 - 121DDA86 0000XXXX
Player 4 - 121DFD12 0000XXXX

replace the Xs with a bed's hex code and it'll appear as your character's bed in the bedroom (Top floor).

(I think this is all of them)

3000="exotic bed"
3028="ranch bed"
3028="ranch bed"
3078="regal bed"
30A0="blue bed"
30C8="cabana bed"
30F0="green bed"
3118="cabin bed"
3140="modern bed"
3168="kiddie bed"
3190="lovely bed"
31E0="snowman bed"
3208="mush bed"
33DC="hospital bed"
37C0="pineapple bed"
3884="basic red bed"
3888="basic blue bed"
388C="basic yellow bed"
3890="basic green bed"
Verified by: flippy5598 Submitted by: Gray Shadow on May 04, 2008
rating: ---

Blue series (v1.1) [North America]

121d8e7e 000030a0
121d8e80 000030a4
121d8e82 000030a8
121d8e84 000030ac
121d8e86 000030b0
121d8e88 000030b4
121d8e8a 000030b8
121d8e8c 000030bc
121d8e8f 000030c4
Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: hutly1 on April 04, 2008
rating: 5.00/5.00

Blue Set in Pockets [North America]

121d8e92 00001105
121d8e94 00001149
d5000000 000030a0
c0000000 00000009
d7000000 021d8e7e
d4000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

Takes over all of your Pockets. Version 1.1
Verified by: Moo2tto Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: ---

bundle of 1.1 codes [North America]

full upgraded house
121e6e48 00000036

all music in player
121e6e3c 0000ffff
121e6e3e 0000ffff
121e6e40 0000ffff
121e6e42 0000ffff
121e6e44 0000003f

little tan
121d9598 00001095

121d9598 00002095

dark tan
121d9598 00003095

WARNING: Your character might receive a "sex change" after using this cheat.
Verified by: bubbleshome, binxsbox Submitted by: anonymous on June 25, 2009
rating: ---

Cabana Set [North America]

121d8e92 00001104
121d8e94 00001148
d5000000 000030c8
c0000000 00000009
d7000000 021d8e7e
d4000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

The Cabana Set will be in your pockets. Erases anything already there. Version 1.1.
Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: Trend on April 04, 2008
rating: 5.00/5.00

Cataloge Items are Only 1 Bell [North America]

When you purchase things from the cataloge, they are only one bell.

122a925c 00000001
Verified by: Jstar59 Submitted by: Kiffa on July 04, 2007