Advance Wars Dual Strike Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Kaid Dec 29, 2007 Max rank for Jake, Rachel, Lash, Kindle, Koal, Adder, Sami, Eagle, Nell and Haichi. All stuff brought from Haichi's Store. Got all Co's. Got the AW 1 and AW 2 secret maps. Got Gallery and Sound Room. Completed Hard Combat.
Milennin Oct 15, 2006 Beaten storymode on Hard. Unlocked all characters.
Joule Oct 6, 2006 PWND!!
Dark Noxus Aug 9, 2006 None
Insanity Prevails Jan 1, 2006 Both campaigns cleared. All shop items purchased. Turn, Time and Money trials cleared.
NTOFVG Jan 1, 2006 None
Lesley Pro_04 Sep 20, 2005 (Hours taken is for the Story mode only) I got this game almost as soon as it was released (which I could do at the time because I was working a summer job during the summer of '05) because knowing how good AW1 and 2 were, I figured that Dual Strike would be much better, and I was correct. The graphics got an awesome upgrade thanks to the graphic power of the DS (and knowing how good the graphics were in the first two games that's saying something). I liked the addition of new characters to suppliment the old cast because new characters always help to keep a series fresh regardless of what that series is. They added more new units than they did to make your choice of units look more like a real army, but my favorite part of this game is the amount of statistics that this game keeps like this is a pro sport. New modes are also added to keep the game fresh after clearing the storyline: Scenarios that limit time, money, and turns; a combat mode (real- time combat game), versus mode via a wireless connection, and the return of War Room with old and new War Room maps. The best new features include entering battle with two CO's-called a tag battle-a deadly Tag Power in which both CO's use their Super CO Powers in the same turn, battles that take place on two screens (a DS battle), and challenging new missions that will leave you playing this game for hours upon hours of fun. I would definitely play this game again without a doubt.
dbzmaster Jan 1, 2000 None
finalfight No completion date Unlocked every character, beat hard campaign
Nymosus No completion date 300 Medals. S Rank All Modes Personal Rating: 10/10
zarbityugi No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
Razentsu No completion date None
DarkDragon No completion date None
GlancingReverse No completion date None
Laytruce No completion date None
Luminary No completion date None
ThirteenOfTwo No completion date None
Darkhyperchaos No completion date None
Keane Ingram No completion date None
pizzapop1 No completion date None
Aselion No completion date None
CallMeChurch No completion date None
aceheroify No completion date None
Bread Effect No completion date None
Quackytheduck No completion date None
PirateLawyer No completion date None
Ranger 1 No completion date None
Pokefan12_2004 No completion date None