WWF Royal Rumble Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.5/10

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WWF Royal Rumble Reviews

website score publish date
Gaming Target 7/10 Oct 15 '00
GameCenter 7/10 Aug 18 '00
Gamespot UK 6.8/10 Sep 22 '00
IGN Dreamcast 5.2/10 Aug 15 '00
UK Sports 66% Dec 13 '00
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WWF Royal Rumble Previews

website publish date
IGN Dreamcast Jul 19 '00
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GameCenter on Sep 23 '00

"As mentioned, the gameplay is pretty much limited to two modes, but overall it's solid. Each wrestler has an arsenal of close to 40 different moves, including his signature moves. It would appear..."

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Gamespot UK on Sep 26 '00

"...two modes... the multiplayer aspect of the game adds a lot... character models are solid, but the animation is a little jerky... it's just so different from any wrestling game released in the..."

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IGN Dreamcast on Sep 16 '00

"I know that wrestling fans are baffled as to how a 30-man competition can be played out with only 21 wrestlers, but come on folks... this is an arcade game, screw realism!. Once a wrestler has been..."

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IGN Dreamcast on Sep 16 '00

"If only there was a more balanced approach to the punch-grapple system, and more characters, and a better way to handle the "partner" feature, and let's face it... an improvement on everything..."

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UK Sports on Dec 14 '00

"The Gameplay on this game is very slack... The roster is lacking a lot as well... The graphics aren't as bad as they could be, but there is considerable room for improvement... has no substance..."

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