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Vanishing Point, Acclaim's racing/simulation game features licensed cars (that're supposed to be portrayed with accurate physics models) from Lotus, Ford, Aston Martin, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo and more. Race your way through 13 singleplayer / multi-player circuits or modify your vehicle's specs and go for a spin in 'Stunt Driver'. A new advanced rendering engine is used so there's no visible polygonal "pop-up" within the game.

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I LOVE THIS GAME! It's very challenging and it has an on-line option, which at times...


If you need a fun game, buy this. It is fun. Thats all ther is to it. It doesnt...

Dreamcast gamers looking for the latest racing fix may be pleased to hear that, according to Acclaim, the Dreamcast... posted Jan 03, 01 11:17pm

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