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Unreal Tournament Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Freaks 365 9.3/10 Jul 07 '07
Gaming Target 9.4/10 Jun 26 '01
Game Revolution B+ Mar 21 '01
GameSpot 9.4/10 Mar 14 '01
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Unreal Tournament Previews

website publish date article rating
AllDreamcast.com Sep 29 '00
Games Radar UK Oct 04 '00
Games Radar UK Aug 24 '00
GameSpot Nov 21 '00
GameSpot Dec 18 '00
GameSpot Aug 24 '00
IGN Dreamcast Sep 25 '00
IGN Dreamcast Feb 12 '01
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Quoted from Unreal Tournament Reviews:
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"Well, one area of gameplay the Dreamcast version will definitely have over the PS2 version is online gameplay, and that will remain very much intact. Already at this early stage in development, the online play is running smoothly, and will definitely be giving Quake III Arena a run for it's online money this Fall." "
"Unreal Tournament for the Dreamcast is one of the best first-person shooter experiences of the early part of this decade. It might have stuck around for a longer time if the Dreamcast had not gone out of production and a little game named Halo not been released in the same year. This game was clearly built for online play and multi-player in general, but the single-player is fun as well. Without online play, the package loses a lot of its value. Nonetheless, this is the best first-person shooter on Dreamcast."
"Unreal Tournament is a good choice; just remember, it's not the whole enchilada."
"It was also revealed that UT Dreamcast players will be able to enter servers run from PCs. It has been known for some time that the game would be playable on the SegaNet, but the fact that Dreamcast owners will be able to join any server with at least up to eight other players makes it that much more worth waiting for."
"...will contain 35 levels... Each level has been redesigned specifically for the Dreamcast... Only two multiplayer modes will be included... will allow players to go online with SegaNet and battle to the death with up to eight players..."