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Unreal Tournament is a first person shooter with never-before-seen graphics, brutal edge-of-your-seat gameplay and a massive and varied feature list that gives gamers more than they ever expected. It offers something for all players to enjoy. Players square off against computer controlled Bots in all the game modes through a tournament ladder with increasing difficulty. Make your player and dive into the tournament, and as you play one mode, soon other game modes will unlock and you can join a team to battle. UT has a ton of astonishing combat arenas located in environments beyond imagination, and many weapons to use as you fight to become the Tournament champion.


Unreal Tournament has amazing gameplay. Play in various game modes which include Deathmatch (reach a certain frag total in deadly fragfests), Domination (capture control points for a time period and score points), Capture the Flag (capture your enemies flag and bring it to your teams base), and Assault (complete team objectives in a time period as the attacker and defend against CPU's in the same mission in the same time period). Weild many destructive weapons which include a machine gun and a rocket launcher. Run around on many beautifully detailed levels by yourself or with CPU teammates while trying to kill opponents and complete objectives. Since the game is pretty violent (blood and body parts do go flying), it is definitely not for weak stomaches.


  • Violent, exciting bloodfest game. Blood and bodyparts will fly.
  • More than 30 amazing environments to battle on.
  • A load of destructive weapons to use to kill your opponents, including a rocket launcher and machine gun.
  • Many great game modes, including Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag, and Assault.

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The awsome weapons, try to get them all on inhuman play without dying. I tried...


Basically, I recommend this game for everybody who likes first person action games. It...


The best shooter since Quake 3 Arena. What more can I say?! Oh, and it's even better...


This game is a really good FPS

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