Playing from a first-person perspective but with an emphasis on RPG conventions in this game, you must uncover the cause of a mysterious accident aboard an infested ship. You'll be forced to make use of the mysterious cybernetic powers you've been given to overcome your enemies through stealth and tactics.

System Shock 2 was planned for Dreamcast back in 2000, but was later canceled. The game was promised to be a faithful and exact port of its PC counterpart, and would include online play (something new to the game).

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[image1 width=115 float=right] Designer in part of many classic series' such as Thief, Deus Ex, Ultima, and... posted Mar 16, 11 5:21pm

Jul 22, 10 12:26pm
Not scary. At all. But it's an ok game. SystemShock2 PC
Feb 15, 09 9:59am
Would you believe I found this almost 10 years after release, sealed, for 3 bucks? SystemShock2 PC
gahatch owns System Shock 2
Jul 23, 06 7:47am
Rare. Not as rare as the original, but you can't find it. SystemShock2 PC
Nov 03, 00 8:37pm
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