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Soul Calibur Reviews

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Thunderbolt 10/10 Jan 01 '04
DC Swirl 5.0/5 Sep 13 '99
Gamer's Republic A+ Jan 26 '00
GameSpot 10/10 Sep 29 '00
IGN Dreamcast 10.0/10 Sep 20 '99
Women Gamers 8.5 Sep 20 '99
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Quoted from Soul Calibur Reviews:
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"Thankfully Soul Calibur is much more than a simple fighting game. Namco originally developed the concept in their Soul Blade home conversion on the PlayStation. The concept was, to have you the player battle in pre-set events to unlock secrets within the game. Boy has Namco brought this feature back in Soul Calibur. The lengthy mission mode is one of the best reasons to buy Soul Calibur."
"It's incredibly easy to get into, yet nearly impossible to fully master. Basic gameplay consists of vertical, horizontal, and kicking attacks, as well as a block button. While most weapons-based fighters depend on the weapons gimmick to draw in players, Namco have blessed this one with unparalleled depth."
"Aside from the usual arcade mode, there are versus, team battle, time attack, survival, extra survival, practice, Internet, mission battle, and museum modes. While the majority of these modes are by now considered staples in the fighting game genre, the mission and museum modes that will pique most people's interest."
"Few games come to mind as "required purchases," games that are so good that they have to be a part of your lineup. The original Soul Edge was such a game, and now Soul Calibur has earned a place alongside its brother. It may or may not be the most complicated fighting game out there - I'm not bold enough to make such a statement. I am bold enough, though, to state that I've never had so much fun with a fighting game than I had when playing Soul Calibur."
"The character movements are fast, fluid, and very realistic. Soul Calibur blows away other fighting games by far with its excellent graphics. Even the hair and clothing move naturally with the movements of the characters."