Sega's answer to Mario Party and Crash Bash comes in the form of Sonic Shuffle. The mysterious Void has sealed the power of the Precioustones, and Sonic and 7 of his friends need to brave minigames, bosses and trivia questions in an effort to save them. Play with up to 3 friends on interactive 3D game boards.


  • Play over 50 ooriginal Mini-games with over 5 board maps and a lot of characters to play with!
  • Play alone or up to three players at the same time!
  • Meet many characters from the Sonic Series; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and more!

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..... Sometimes, this game makes me so frustrated I start yelling in another language. Ah, well. It's still kinda fun. SonicShuffle DC
F1D0 loves games... F1D0 loves Sonic... F1D0 wants this game... SonicShuffle DC

I had heard the comparisons made to Nintendo's Mario Party series, and I figured that...


This game is very, very good and is a good contender for Mario Party. The games can...


I think this game is a waste of the talent of the sonic team i cannot understand why...


Trust me - don't buy it.



Ok party game to start, but you'll soon find out that
the loading times and the...


it's ok but if i where you i'd spend my money on something else this game is better...


Nope I love it n.n.

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