Sonic Adventure 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Requiem None
LanDi Sama None
Bash Boy 54 None
VeGiTAX2 None
Sonic Flash None
Scott Cee PAL
cbjones None
lkjhgfdsa None
mb 1 None
The Video Game Geek None
JohnnyDamonGirl None
F1D0 For some reason, they took out the ability to roam around the cities. The stages are still great, though.
Delslayer None
nobody important None
azn knight blaze Great Game
Adam3k3 Why I got Dreamcast!
Ninetales None
kitt160 None
xblue_firex None
Doughedgehog I love Sonic in 3d
DaRk_WiNg82 None
Knux7654 None
Storm None
LegendaryGuardian None
Ncjpr1993 None
fuzzy13 None
Setthotep None
Sonya_chan This game rocks! Lotsa funny cutscenes too.
ThongomanHalo2 None
killerkid22 None
DCH75 None
inubaka None
toonlinkomania None
Fu None
der_uber_owner None
JowyAtreides None
lonewolveshardt None
yugioh master 999 None
abcThief None
muttler Lush graphics, but nowhere near as good as SA1.
Molko88 None
Trev81 None
Xeroxed None
Pidgey Milkplus None
Niemo None
Agent Pancakes None
radical bob None
WolfHeart Alot of fun
lethalmind None