Sonic Adventure Own / Want List

Username Comments
Requiem None
LanDi Sama None
Bash Boy 54 None
VeGiTAX2 None
Master of the VG None
Tempest None
Scott Cee PAL
Akira_EX None
cbjones None
cobra2 I
The Video Game Geek None
JohnnyDamonGirl None
che_don_john None
F1D0 Awesome gameplay and a great way to continue the Sonic franchise. A truly underrated game.
Delslayer None
nobody important None
redhotbaconcheese None
oOhennersOo None
azn knight blaze Good Game
Adam3k3 None
Ninetales None
EnemyNL backup
Zeig Elfheart None
Chris2004 None
Wolf Tails one of my best game for my dreamcast
HYPERSONIC 09 its the best game i have played if i had to vote 1 out of 10 i would vote 999999
kitt160 None
vixtro the last good 3D sonic game :(
Doughedgehog My first dreamcast game
bakfromon None
Storm None
Ncjpr1993 None
DougDanmana Got this for free w00t!
Lazygit None
fuzzy13 None
Offendr None
Setthotep None
Sonya_chan This is my favorite game in the world!!
ThongomanHalo2 None
nasty nappa None
Mastakirby None
Norixca_XIII None
master keaton None
reploid None
DCH75 None
TheFogIsRising None
inubaka None
ghero1014 None
toonlinkomania None
Fu None