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Sonic the Hedgehog makes his Dreamcast debut in Sonic Adventure. The evil Dr. Robotnik is in cahoots with the mysterious Chaos. Now Sonic and 5 friends must search for the Chaos Emeralds over 50 adventure fields and action levels. Play as any one of the 6 characters and unlock secrets. Access the Sonic homepage with your Dreamcast modem to make use of exclusive features. Collect and raise critters called "Chao" which you can download into your VMU.


  • Over 15 Zones to Play in to increase gametime and flexibility.
  • Improved Graphics from the Genesis Console
  • Multiplayer Action to go Head to Head on
  • Chao World for mor Mini-Games

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the best of sonic in 3d this game is a master peice in every way possible SonicAdventure DC

[image1 link=yes width=250 height=188 float=right] Oh, the Dreamcast -- a console ahead of its time, and one... posted Jun 10, 10 4:39pm

Chalk up another confirmation from the ESRB: Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut has been rated... posted Jun 08, 10 2:45am

Fun game. I like the chao the best. SonicAdventure DC
Brilliant! Best 3D sonic by miles SonicAdventure DC

Sonic has kept a pretty streamlined reputation over the years, and now he takes the...

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