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Play the role of a sniper in Silent Scope, the Dreamcast port of the unique arcade game. Combat terrorists who've kidnapped the President's daughter. Pick off all manner of bad guys with your rifle, but be careful not to hit any innocent bystanders!


  • All-new Story Mode in addition to the hit arcade game

  • 4-person multiplayer mode via link cable

  • Additional training and challenge modes

  • Amazing recreation of the arcade hit

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VeGiTAX2 and 2 others own Silent Scope

This was a fun game when I first played it. I originally got the demo and immediately...


If you get some time to play this game and get the feel of it you will find that even...


The games good in most aspects but due to its simplicity it has a certain lack of life...


You are a professinal sniper working for the government. When the President is...

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