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Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Sega GT Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Gaming Target 9.5/10 Sep 15 '00
GameCenter 9/10 Aug 30 '00
Gamespot UK 7.3/10 Nov 30 '00
IGN Dreamcast 9.2/10 Aug 28 '00
Solinari Gaming 7.7/10.0 Apr 11 '02
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Sega GT Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN Dreamcast Feb 16 '00
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GameCenter on

"Players equipped with a Jump Pack will be delighted by the advanced vibration effects that have been coded into the game. In addition to the normal pulsations one expects over cobblestone roads and..."

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Gamespot UK on

"...poor control and an unintuitive interface... driving fans will enjoy the wide range of racing available... vast library of licensed cars... All of the graphics in Sega GT are noteworthy, some..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"That said, I think that SGT's tracks are fun, but they're missing something. Let me explain. GT2 has the best tracks I've ever raced on in a videogame. They're brilliantly designed to test your..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"Learning curve and spotty cityscapes aside, Sega GT is the best driving simulation that Dreamcast fans could hope for. With such a diverse list of things to see and do and a collection of cars and..."

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Solinari Gaming on

"While not an innovative racer by any means, Sega GT manages to bring most of the Gran Turismo fun to Dreamcast owners."

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