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The futuristic San Francisco Rush 2049 will feature 6 tracks, each playable normal, mirrored and reversed. As well, there are battle, circuit and stunt modes, with 4 stunt tracks. Multiplayer supports up to 4, with split screen action. Tune your car.


  • Tear up the road across eighteen different tracks.
  • Take your pick from thirteen brand new cars; even customize them to your liking.
  • Test your abilities in various modes such as race, stunt and battle.
  • Send your car airbourne to pull off some slick stunts.
  • Set your best times in Time Trial, then challenge your ghost to try it again.
  • Take on your friends in up to four player split-screen action.

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Jun 12, 06 10:57am
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just 2 xtreme
Jun 02, 04 11:37am

I spent hours on this game and would recomend it to anyone with a dreamcast. Its a fun...

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Jun 25, 03 4:33pm
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Jun 18, 03 10:26pm
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Nov 25, 02 3:18pm

The Rush series are my favorite arcade racers. Battle mode is okay, but isn't as...

Dec 29, 00 1:37pm

13 tracks i think, lots of cars, battle, race, and stunt mode!

Dec 24, 00 9:32pm

the only thing that stinks is that there are NOT enough stunt levels in the game!!!

Aug 31, 00 2:06am
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