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As the sequel to Rainbow Six, you're back in action dealing with a hostage situation at the Museum of Art and an airplane hijacking at the airport. The player has access to new weapons as well as sniper specialists to take out the targets at a distance.


The worlds best anti terrorist team is back to save the world again in TOM CLANCYS RAINBOW SIX: ROGUE SPEAR. You have new weapons at your disposal as well as sniper specialists to properly take out deadly foes from afar. Guide your team with a joystick, add more terrorists with the mission editor, and send your friends a copy of your greatest attack with the cinematic replay feature. All of this a


  • Lead an anti-terrorist team
  • Plan how to approach each mission
  • Take control of the team members to execute the plan
  • Full aresenal of weapons
  • Wide variety of mission objectives and goals

Editor's Note:

Developed by Pipe Dream.

Added on: December 05, 2000

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Great game with lots of fun and great weapons to pick from. RainbowSixRogueSpear PC
Brand-new. Opened.I have 2 copies so I am selling one of them. RainbowSixRogueSpear PC

In total there's nothing in this game that makes me want to play it, other than some...


I've always liked the rainbow6 games (not to mention the book) It a slight improvment...

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