Phantasy Star Online delivers 4-player online role-playing to the Dreamcast. Search for other players on similiar quests, or let the computer fill in. Players communicate using standardized sets of phrases and symbols, so everyone can join in.


  • First worldwide, online role-playing game for console

  • People Finder option helps players locate others, to form teams

  • In-game communication system breaks down language barriers of different nationalities

  • Features enemies and weapons from previous Phantasy Star games

  • Play completely online, completely offline, or any combination

Editor's Note:

The BEAT system incorporated into modern Swatch watches will be used in this game to unite the whole world into a single time zone.

Added on: September 15, 2000

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Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic, Phantasy Star, and my favorite game of all time...


I bought my Dreamcast system off of a friend who attended the same university as...


This game is the best RPG on the Dreamcast but doesnt nearly match up to the hit Final...


Sega's flagship RPG series is the long-running and popular Phantasy Star series. First...


one of the most addictive games ive ever played, if not the most, ive played every...


Aweosme game just plain awesome, tons of fun, great team work, lots of respectable...


I always have loved RPG's and this made my dedication to them even more strong...I...


This is a good game with lots of things to do in the first 120 hours of Play! the game...


great game.. hackers gotta go, i just got it to having so much fun until i got hacked...


This game is a MUST HAVE! For all you Role PLayers. Complete Customization for your...


This is one of my favorite games, In 15 days I blasted away 119 hours. I have never...


overall a very good game,tho its not comming to ireland untill feb 2002(i have a copy...


the game is awsome. ive been a Phantasy star addict since t came out for the nintendo...


a good strong rpg with online play,alone its life is limeted

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