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Phantasy Star Online Version 2 is the stand-alone sequel to the online console RPG title Phantasy Star Online. PSO Ver. 2 is playable with or without the original PSO game. Participate in new game modes online with up to 4 players: soccer, capture-the-flag, and a battle royale not tied to the questing part of the game. Expect higher difficulty modes like Challenge and Ultimate, as well as new levels to explore, higher experience caps, more items, and of course MAGs!

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definatly not for sale or trade! love it allways have allways will PhantasyStarOnlineVersion2 DC
just keeps geting better, and better. PhantasyStarOnlineVersion2 DC

Phantasy Star Online Version 2 is a brilliant RPG for the Dreamcast. You have a...


If you have the first, you know what this is about, if not, the game is an...


This game is my favourite game of all time. It takes an already amazing game pso and...


This Game is Great,Awesome and is 1 of the best!
Ihave to admit when
I first picked...


An absolutely genius game more online than off, where you can meet great people. JUST...


The new weapons are nice, but that's about as deep as I'll get, this game did not...


This game is better than the Original... You ask why all that is happened is that...


i have both pso1 and 2 and its not my best but its one of my best

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