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The hip-hop Dreamcast hit makes it·s way to the Game Boy Advance. Your favorite skaters from Jet Grind Radio return in true 3D blasting through exciting and diverse levels. Grab your spray cans and hit the streets painting the town in your colors while avoiding the cops and rival gangs. It·s not easy being a kid in Tokyo but with your Overdrive Magnetic-Motor Skates and a need for self-expression you·re on your way to making the town yours! Rebel against The Man with your inline skates and your knack for graffiti art. Protect your neighborhood from rival gangs and outrun the police.


  • Multiple game modes including one-on-one races, freestyle skating for points, timed tagging sessions and the single player mission based mode.
  • Mission-based game play threaded together with cinematic cut scenes that advance the story and mission objectives.
  • Create your own, individualized graffiti tag
  • Avoid The Law as it tries to stop your spraying crusade with police, tear gas and even tanks.
  • Multiple playable characters that have a completely unique look and feel.
  • Power-ups that allow you, the skater, to have extra powers.
  • Score big points by grinding everywhere and performing crazy tricks.
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 players

Editor's Note:

Winner of GameSpot.com's 'Best Graphics, Artistic ' for 2000.

Added on: October 02, 2000

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We're bringing a whole load of chaos your way and all of hell is coming with us. Live...

Jul 13, 05 2:48am
Gotta love JGR! JetGrindRadio DC
Dec 30, 04 5:49am
added 3 cheats
Nov 30, 04 8:47am

Jet Grind Radio

First of All...: Damn... How in the HELL did Dreamcast just die like...

May 24, 04 1:31am
backup JetGrindRadio DC
mb 1
Apr 22, 04 6:35am
PAL version which is entitled jet set radio JetGrindRadio DC
Radical Edward
Oct 08, 03 9:03pm

Jet Grind Radio deserves a perfection rating for many reasons. First its graphics are...

mb 1
Jun 14, 03 6:36am
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Mignight Quat
Feb 13, 03 1:54pm

THIS-GAME-IS-AWESOME! I love it! I can't believe that it's only out for dreamcast and...

Mignight Quat
Feb 13, 03 1:54pm

THIS-GAME-IS-AWESOME! I love it! I can't believe that it's only out for dreamcast and...

Jan 01, 03 1:58pm

Got this game for X-MAS (of 2002= I know, a little late) and I love the game. I'm a...

The Anti_Bluz
Dec 29, 02 10:01am

this game has been the most addictive game I've played all year, so addictive that I...

Sep 04, 02 11:22pm

the bacis of jsr(jet set radio) is to skate around the streets, taging over all the...

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