Three members of the Castle Rock School's horror club have taken the ILLBLEED entertainment park challenge, the prize being 1 million dollars. No one has ever made it through the park alive! Now the horror club's president must venture into ILLBLEED to rescue her friends, and have a shot at winning big bucks! Enter each of the 6 stages and battle the evil within to survive; your performance in each will determine your winnings. Use the "Horror Monitor" to find hidden items and dangers.

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very good game
you have to use your head as well as eyes


Must make 2nd Illbleed! or I will never go to sleep again! hahahahaha lol just please...


First of all, a piece of warning: This is not a common
action game, it isn't a common...


Game players have been waiting for a long time now to get hold of a decent game that...


Good horror game on DC. Graphics are on par with most of the games. Souds effects,...


If you want a game that scares the wits out of your brains, makes your heartbeat beat...


This game is great. If you want something different from other games this is it! But...

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