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You control a team of allied soldiers behind enemy lines during World War II. As you sneak through the occupied territories looking for your quarries, you'll be forced to make use of cover and subterfuge. You'll choose your soldiers from a wide variety of operatives, and then take them out and into the wilderness.


  • Set in a detailed and realistic World War II world, but with modern-day trimmings
  • Unmatched balance between strategy and action
  • Fast, detailed engine, producing amazingly accurate, varied worlds
  • Excellent World War II atmosphere with all the action of classic war films
  • Varied game play--each mission challenges the player in a new way
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    If you don't like complicated games I would not buy this one it is so hard just to do...

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    'War! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!' That's right, kids. War is...

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