In the year 2019 the government contracts law enforcement to "headhunters", and as Jack Wade, you're hired by the ACN (Anti-Crime Network) to hunt down criminals from city to city. Travel on your motorcycle, and encounter a variety of personalities in each city as you uncover a vast organized crime syndicate. Your VMU will alert you of new plot developments, and those with Internet access can download new game areas and misions.


  • Cutting edge stealth action – slither against walls, peek around corners & snap enemy's necks from behind in total anonymity
  • Play as both ruthless Headhunter Jack Wade and his alluring accomplice, Angela Stern
  • Rip through the streets at speeds of over 200 mph on an ultra-bad bounty hunting motorcycle
  • Various license tests challenge Headhunting skills and unlock new features throughout the game
  • Intense game play action in both third and first person views
  • Fully stocked Headhunter arsenal, including proximity mines, machine guns, missile launchers and more
  • Meticulously detailed environments, ranging from seedy biker hangouts to chaotic gas-filled shopping malls and futuristic laboratories
  • Incredible mixture of storytelling and action, accomplished through the use of over one full hour of painstakingly rendered real-time FMVs
  • Encompassing in-game soundtrack composed by Richard Jaques & The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Editor's Note:

UK release only.

Added on: December 12, 2001

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You are Jack Wade the greatest headhunter alive next to number two, Hank Redwood.


Apr 13, 02 9:24am

Storyline Overview:

Headhunter takes place in a neo storyline where human organs are...

Jan 15, 02 9:07am

The Good

Graphics, Gameplay, replayability, The list is endless

The Bad

Um errr...........

Dec 21, 01 4:16am

Headhunter is one of the last titles to be released on the Dreamcast, however it is...

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Headhunting. The practice among certain peoples of removing the heads of slain enemies...

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