In the year 2019 the government contracts law enforcement to "headhunters", and as Jack Wade, you're hired by the ACN (Anti-Crime Network) to hunt down criminals from city to city. Travel on your motorcycle, and encounter a variety of personalities in each city as you uncover a vast organized crime syndicate. Your VMU will alert you of new plot developments, and those with Internet access can download new game areas and misions.


  • Cutting edge stealth action – slither against walls, peek around corners & snap enemy's necks from behind in total anonymity
  • Play as both ruthless Headhunter Jack Wade and his alluring accomplice, Angela Stern
  • Rip through the streets at speeds of over 200 mph on an ultra-bad bounty hunting motorcycle
  • Various license tests challenge Headhunting skills and unlock new features throughout the game
  • Intense game play action in both third and first person views
  • Fully stocked Headhunter arsenal, including proximity mines, machine guns, missile launchers and more
  • Meticulously detailed environments, ranging from seedy biker hangouts to chaotic gas-filled shopping malls and futuristic laboratories
  • Incredible mixture of storytelling and action, accomplished through the use of over one full hour of painstakingly rendered real-time FMVs
  • Encompassing in-game soundtrack composed by Richard Jaques & The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Editor's Note:

UK release only.

Added on: December 12, 2001

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You are Jack Wade the greatest headhunter alive next to number two, Hank Redwood.



Storyline Overview:

Headhunter takes place in a neo storyline where human organs are...


The Good

Graphics, Gameplay, replayability, The list is endless

The Bad

Um errr...........


Headhunter is one of the last titles to be released on the Dreamcast, however it is...


Headhunting. The practice among certain peoples of removing the heads of slain enemies...

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