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Half-Life Previews

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EuroGamer Sep 01 '00
GameSpot Sep 05 '00
Gamespot UK Nov 27 '00
IGN Dreamcast Sep 25 '00
IGN Dreamcast Sep 08 '00
IGN Dreamcast May 11 '01
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EuroGamer on

"...much brighter and colourful...textures... settings for the buttons when you start the game are similar to that of Turok 2 or Quake 2 on the N64... new mini-episode exclusive to the Dreamcast,..."

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GameSpot on

"Obviously the biggest change is the graphics. The Dreamcast version of Half-Life has just as many textures and background details as the PC version. The characters look notably better, and there is..."

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Gamespot UK on

"...will contain the original Half-Life adventure exactly as it was presented on the PC, plus an entirely new single-player adventure... In Blue Shift, you'll be doing many neat new things in order..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"...the game will include a host of new features... higher poly counts on character models, "dramatic" lighting, and other special effects to help set this version apart from the already incredible..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"...Sierra officials confirmed the development of a second Dreamcast Half-Life dedicated to Online multiplayer... "

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