: : : : : Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon (Import)


This is a mech fighter with all the original Gundam. The modus operandi is kill or be killed, as you duel against a variety of the Federation and Zeon's best mecha.
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A very fun to play mech action game, especially if you dig the Gundam anime and manga....


The graphics make all of the mobile suits look real. It brings back the old series in...


Finally a good 3D Gundam game with multiplayer abilities. This beats battle assault...


The 1st time I saw the game I immediately fall in luv with it. Let me give some...


I have not played the dc version only the one in the arcades.
This game is one of the...


The Gundam Game looks so tight. i can just picture it right now a four player battle...

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9.5 / 10