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Gundam Side Story is a squad-level military action/simulation title. As the leader of a team, it is up to you to reconnoiter your sector, issue movement and attack orders, and listen to your resident analyst. You are issued with mission-essential tasks and responsibilities that must be carried out.

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foxhead556 and 2 others own Gundam Side Story: 0079

I would give this game a 3.9 because it was a little confusing at points. If your a...


In total it's a great game if you can handle it and understand it, but for me it was...


the game is only nine missions and it is pretty hard espacially the last mission i...


Pretty good game


Hello, earth to reader, take my word for it, there is nothing good about this title....


This seems like a pretty decent game, and the only Gundam game available currently, so...

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