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Over-the-top weapons and fists based fighting returns with even more new features and moves besides! Guilty Gear X is the sequel to the 2D Playstation fighting game fan-favorite set in the year 2180. Nearly all the original cast of unique fighters (plus a few new faces) return in this highly animated 2D follow-up, so expect the same heavy metal band references!


  • Visually stunning 2D fighter
  • Uncommonly speedy gameplay
  • Revamped tension gauge
  • Instant kill move
  • Create your own combos

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Mrgrimmz and 4 others own Guilty Gear X (Import)
I love GG. Intro of Dizzy. GuiltyGearXImport DC

He he he I love this game almost as much as DOA2, but not that much, I mean it has one...


great game, cant wait for the us version to come out


well it was free .... 01-28-01 hehe and any game you get free should be played ...and...


This is probably the best looking 2D fighter I've ever played--and I've played them...

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