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Grand Theft Auto 2 takes place in the very near future. You live in a city overrun by gang wars and police corruption. Innocent people are being killed every day by the violence. So what should you do? Simple -- stop being innocent! Steal a car and join the malicious fun.

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  • Graphical enhancements from the first game
  • Almost a dozen weapons to choose from
  • New gangs and respect levels with each gang which affects their attitudes towards you
  • Bonus multipliers can really rack up your scores

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More fun than any other GTA. GrandTheftAuto2 PC
"And remember, respect is [i]everything[/i]." GrandTheftAuto2 PC
great game bad graphics GrandTheftAuto2 PC
Absolutely the best GTA in the series EVER. GrandTheftAuto2 PC
Not a bad game, but i prefer gta3, and gta:vice city, on ps2 GrandTheftAuto2 PC
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