Ryudo, a bodyguard, is hired to protect Elena, a church singer. Together, they must arrive safely to a ceremony held in a tower. Among those in their party are a mysterious girl with long tresses, a blond boy, and a beastman hunter looking for revenge.


  • Groundbreaking Battle System requiring tactics, skill, timing and technique.
  • Beautiful 3D landscapes and environments and over 1000 characters to interact with.
  • A deep, rich and captivating storyline.
  • Easy-to-use interface catering to newcomers and hardcore RPG fans alike.
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Japanese mobile developer G-Mode announced CEO Takeshi Miyaji had passed away suddenly on July 29.  Miyaji was 45... posted Aug 01, 11 1:07pm

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Breath of Fire III clone but still great fun Grandia2 DC
Nice storyline, good characters Grandia2 DC

I started on the original Grandia for PlayStation a couple of years back, when I...


I loved the look of this game, and the story was all that kept me going at first, but...


its great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


Best game for Dream Cast..duh!, and a really good RPG to add to your rpg collection,...


Grandia was, in my opinion, an over hyped game that could have been much better. It...


Grandia II for the Dreamcast... one good RPG, that meets its expectations.

You play...


your a hero. who has a mystreous past who must. make amends with. as you travel the...


This game Is definately in the top 10 games for the dreamcast system. If you like...


This was a great game although not as good as some rpg games such as ff7 and ff 9,this...


"The Valmars body is lost", but not all...Without the Wings Of Valmar,Grandia would be...

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