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Evolution is an RPG that has you in control of Mag Launcher and Linear Cannon, two youths from the local adventurer's club "Society" who must comb ancient ruins to pay off the Launcher family debt. Along the way, they will discover the mysteries of the ancient Panmann Society and CyFrame technology.

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Also Known as Shinkisekai Evolution in japanese.

Added on: October 13, 2000

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1 of the best RPG's for DC!! 10 out of 5 stars!! EvolutionTheWorldOfSacredDevice DC

In total this game is a bit too frustrating and boring for me, but I'm sure there are...


Evolution represents one of the first forays into the role-playing realm by Dreamcast....


*Perfect game play

*You get a girl that's worth fighting for
*final fantasy like moves


Really good game for people that want a challange Im only on level 36 and I like it...


If you own a dreamcast and love to play RPG's, this is not a bad game, but its also...


I thought this was a good enough game to warrant my buying the sequel. The story is...

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