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Dronez Previews

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GA-Source Jul 27 '99
GameSpot Oct 03 '99
Gaming Entertainment Monthly May 13 '00
IGN Dreamcast Jan 10 '00
SegaWeb Aug 01 '99
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GA-Source on

"In the end, with DroneZ the gameplay is not only a matter of speed, but also a matter of tactics, only the trained combination of muscles and brain can win it."

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GameSpot on

"Yes, the long lost futuristic sports title for the Dreamcast has been renamed and returns with these new screens given to us by Paris-based Zetha gameZ."

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Gaming Entertainment Monthly on

"The world must wait until the year 2000, but on paper, and from a sneak peek, this might just be the game people might just want to wait until the next millenium to find out."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"With more technology than NASA, and some of the sharpest graphics you've ever seen, Dronez could be one of those titles that come out of nowhere to start a whole new sub-genre."

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SegaWeb on

"Drones is a hot new fighting game about to make its way onto Dreamcast. Well, the screenshots most certain;y look 'hot' anyway."

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