A research scientist thought to have perished in a experiment has been sighted on the remote Ibis Island. Special agent Regina and three others have been sent to this island to investigate and "retrieve" this scientist. But an unwelcome surprise from a time long gone awaits them all, and as Regina you must survive this new terror and uncover the truth to the scientist and his research.


  • A new adventure in survival horror from the creators of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2

  • Beautifully rendered graphics in a fully 3-D polygonal environment

  • Photo-realistic, chilling graphics add to the already heart-thumping storyline

  • Match wits against the most terrifying creatures that ever walked the earth

  • Control the fate of special tactics agent, Regina, as she searches for the missing Dr. Kirk
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There was a time when word of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami making a survival action game featuring... posted Oct 19, 10 7:51pm

This game coincided brilliantly with my childhood love of dinosaurs, tense action throughout 8/10 DinoCrisis PC
awsome dino carnage game DinoCrisis PC
Little action-tons of puzzles still classic **** DinoCrisis PC
gonna replace with Turok(N64) DinoCrisis PC
One of my faves on PS1 DinoCrisis PC

This is a very good to play on the dreamcast. It's way better than the Playstation...

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