Crazy Taxi 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.2/10

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Crazy Taxi 2 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Thunderbolt 6/10 May 16 '09 4/5 Jul 14 '01
Game Revolution B Jun 16 '01
Gamer's Pulse 92/100 Jun 13 '01
GameSpot 8.6/10 May 29 '01
Gamitopia 76% Aug 08 '01
IGN Dreamcast 8.8/10 May 29 '01
IGN Dreamcast 8.8/10 May 29 '01
SegaWeb 9.0/10 Jun 03 '01
Solinari Gaming 8.0/10.0 Jun 08 '02
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Crazy Taxi 2 Previews

website publish date article rating
Da Gameboyz Mar 21 '01
Gamespot UK Apr 23 '01
IGN Dreamcast Feb 26 '01
IGN Dreamcast May 15 '01
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Quoted from Crazy Taxi 2 Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Crazy Taxi 2 reviews & previews
"If you were familiar with the first game, either in its arcade incarnation or the DC home conversion, you will know this is one wild ride. The idea behind the game is that you are one of four Crazzzzzzzzzzy cabbies working the busy streets of New York City. You are presented with different characters to choose from, Slash who is a trendy 25 year punk, Cinnamon the 18 year old sexy babe, Iceman the laid back Red Hot Chili Peppers type, and last but not least the seventy-eight year old ragamuffin HotD who may be old but no less virile. :)"
"The new Crazy Pyramid mode offers a plethora of new mini-games to challenge even the most seasoned Crazy Taxi veterans."
"Frantic driving action in a huge city is still a thrill and fans will still love every minute of it."
"Another great title in the short life of the Dreamcast."
"Crazy Taxi 2 is just as much fun as the first game. While it would have been nice to see some slightly more drastic changes to the Crazy Taxi formula, fans of the original will immediately feel right at home with Crazy Taxi 2."