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Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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Crazy Taxi Reviews

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Thunderbolt 7/10 Aug 20 '04 96/100 Feb 01 '00
Gamer's Pulse 91/100 Mar 05 '01
GameSpot 8.7/10 Jan 26 '00
IGN Dreamcast 9.6/10 Jan 28 '00
SegaWeb 8.0/10 Feb 01 '00
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» Submit a preview link on Sep 20 '00

" anywhere you want, and smash through anything you want, as long as it's breakable, that is... Adding more time to the main game timer is only half the challenge of Crazy Taxi. The other is..."

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Gamer's Pulse on Mar 07 '01

"If nothing else, Crazy Taxi is proof positive that games don't have to be complicated in order to be enjoyable... This should be the cornerstone of every Dreamcast owner's game collectiont."

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GameSpot on Sep 29 '00

"As one of four taxi drivers, you must drive around and pick up fares. Each of your fares will present you with a destination - be it a Tower Records, Kentucky Fried Chicken, FILA store, or Levi's..."

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IGN Dreamcast on Sep 29 '00

"Choose you driver, hop in your convertible cab and hit the road. Engine roaring; tear through the hills of fictitious cities while dodging traffic, cable cars, people and time. Power slide through..."

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SegaWeb on Sep 20 '00

"'s great fun!... graphics are very nice... inclusion of Offspring's uncensored "All I Want" and "Way Down The Line", together with Bad Religion's "Them And Us" and "Ten In 2010"... a whole..."

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