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After surviving the horror of Raccoon City, Claire Redfield journeys to Europe in search of her missing brother, Chris. Following clues that lead her to investigate Umbrella Corporation's remote lab, Claire realizes that she should have stayed at home...


  • The nightmare plague of the Resident Evil adventure now spreads to Sega Dreamcast

  • Command Claire Redfield as she searches to locate her missing brother, S.T.A.R.S. member, Chris Redfield

  • Graphics so real, so terrifying...you'll beg to keep the lights on

  • New 1st-Person perspective battles take you directly into the horrifying drama

Editor's Note:

Called "Biohazard - CODE: Veronica" in Japan.

Added on: September 07, 2000

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Yup, I own the Dreamcast original too, and it rocks! CodeVeronica

Resident Evil Code: Veronica failed to be part 4 in the series, it's not very...


Well, when news spread about that Resident Evil: Code Veronica (RECV) was coming out...


ah...,just remember if u need help e-mail me at volgaro2001@yahoo.com.i just want to...


i gotta agree with 'ya mam' on this one. the cameras annoy the shit outta me because...


Code Veronica is possibly the worst of all the resident evil games except survivor....


Realistically, this game will send the willies screaming down your spine. Possibly the...


this game is the coolest one out of the series so far.The graphics and sound are...


Hmmmmmm... Well... Resident Evil: Code Veroonica is an excellent game and if you have...


The story line is probably the main reason why I love this game so much. I also love...


Resident Evil has hit the Dreamcast and has debuted on the system with style.


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