The hungry KapuKapus are hunting the ChuChus down and it's up to you (and three others in online multiplayer games) to help the Chuchus escape. Herd them back to their rockets in this Dreamcast puzzler from the renowned Sonic Team.


  • Create your own characters and puzzles, and then trade them.
  • Over 2500 unique puzzle boards will keep you occupied indefinitely.
  • Team Battle, Stage Challenge, 4P Battle, and Puzzle Modes.
  • New gameplay features like Night Time, Blindfold the Leader, 4P Battle Roulette, and more.

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Chu Chu Rocket for Sega Dreamcast. This is a quirky puzzle game that requires you to...


This game is sooooo cool to play it on the dreamcast version than the Gameboy Advance...


Music:Nothing that special really just okay,not bad not good.

Controls:The Controls are...

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