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Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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Cannon Spike Reviews

website score publish date 8.0/10 Mar 14 '04
Game Revolution C+ Nov 22 '00
GameCenter 6/10 Nov 27 '00
Gamer's Republic B- Nov 20 '00
GameSpot 7.8/10 Nov 13 '00
Hotgames 4/5 Nov 15 '00
IGN Dreamcast 8.8/10 Nov 16 '00
Solinari Gaming 9.3/10.0 Sep 03 '01
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Cannon Spike Previews

website publish date
EventGaming May 15 '00
IGN Dreamcast Jul 25 '00
SegaWeb Jul 26 '00
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EventGaming on Oct 06 '00

"The main reason that the characters do not stand out is because of the simplistic gameplay. The three buttons are shoot, close-in attack and lock-on. Button combinations such as shoot and..."

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Game Revolution on Nov 23 '00

"...a really fun game once you play it the way the developers intended... The graphics in this game are good, but nothing to get excited about... this is a short game..."

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GameCenter on Nov 28 '00

"Ranged combat is a little trickier than it really has to be... setup makes it difficult to move in a given direction while targeting an enemy... an entertaining shooter, but there isn't much else..."

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Gamer's Republic on Nov 20 '00

"If you're a fan of the genre, Cannon Spike is probably worth the money; otherwise, I can't imagine a game better suited for a weekend rental." "

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GameSpot on Nov 20 '00

"'s better played occasionally than often. It won't keep you entertained forever, but if you can get around its lack of length, Cannon Spike delivers." "

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