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Games Radar UK Nov 20 '00
Games Radar UK May 26 '00
GameSpot Jul 31 '00
Gamespot UK Apr 20 '01
IGN Dreamcast Feb 16 '00
Total Games Oct 02 '00
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"This game will require players to manage their subjects and their subjects' lives. Quests and miniquests will involve dealing with thieves, healing sick villagers, etc. As play progresses, players will run into new villages whose inhabitants worship different gods. Here, a war for followers will begin..."
"As the game advances, the environment will begin to mirror the personality of the god... To help players with big decisions, two advisors will constantly be whispering in their ears..."
"The object of Black and White is to secure your power as a god by winning the devotion and submission of your chosen people. These people have a sense of free will, but the degree in which it manifests itself is tempered by their ardor toward you, the deity."
"The game's sophisticated behavioral model allows your creature to learn from your reactions to its behavior... the game is very much grounded in the strategy genre... Those looking for an altogether unique experience should definitely be excited about Black & White coming to the consoles."
"According to the player’s behavior, the creature’s appearance and that of the entire world in Black and White changes to reflect the state of play. Be a consistently happy camper, and watch your kingdom develop into a fairy-tale realm full of jolly citizens. By the same token, when you always pound and punish your villagers, both the monster and the world around it will twist and blacken."