Alien Front Online Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Alien Front Online Reviews

website score publish date article quality 75/100 Aug 18 '01
Defunct Games 78% May 16 '04
Electric Playground 8.5/10 Apr 16 '04
GamePro 3.5/5 Aug 09 '05
Gaming-Age C+ Sep 14 '01
The Laser  --- Aug 08 '02
Total Videogames 8/10 Nov 30 '99
Game Revolution B- Sep 29 '01
IGN Dreamcast 8.5/10 Aug 03 '01
IGN Dreamcast 8.5/10 Aug 03 '01
Solinari Gaming 8.0/10.0 Jun 25 '02
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Alien Front Online Previews

website publish date article rating
Dreamcast.Net Jul 26 '00
EventGaming May 17 '00
GameSpot Jul 18 '00
IGN Dreamcast Aug 14 '00
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Dreamcast.Net on

"An alien race from a distant planet is planning on taking over Earth, but being the humans we are, we're not going to stand for that. A huge war ignites between the two races, and you can fight for..."

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EventGaming on

"For Dreamcast players, the microphone from Seaman can be used as a replacement for the arcade headset. Dreamcast players will be able to hear others talking through their standard speakers,..."

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Game Revolution on

"If you've got the online connection, there's fun to be had with AFO. Sure, the online server could have been better geared for game matching and keyboard support on top of the voice chat wouldn't..."

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GameSpot on

"You also have the choice of playing as either the humans, with their ubiquitous (but less snazzy) vehicles and equipment, or as the bizarre but powerful aliens, with their wild assortment of..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"Developed by Wow, the same group that produced Giant Gram 2000, Alien Front sees you join the ranks of the Earth army, wiping out aliens and human defectors, or become one of the alien scum, taking..."

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