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This racing game puts you at the cockpit of a pod racer based upon the pod racing sequences from Star Wars: Episode I. Strap yourself into one of 23 unique pod racers and soar at speeds over 600 m.p.h. through 25 tracks set on 8 different worlds. You can play as either Anakin Skywalker or his alien competitors.


  • Take control of one of 25 different racers, each with their own specialised pod racing machine.
  • Zoom along 25 tracks, in a variety of different racing classes, seeking shortcuts and edging out the competition.
  • Earn money to buy new parts to upgrade your pod and get the pit droids to repair and manage your pod.
  • Take up the challenge in Tournament mode, practice in the Free Race or set records in Time Attack.
  • Face off against a friend in multiplayer racing.

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Zennor played Star Wars: Episode I Racer
Really fun I havent played for 3 years though since its at my grandparents Episode1Racer PC
One of the best games I have ever played. Racing is fun, tricking out pods is even better, and there are so many unlockables. I'm... Episode1Racer PC
I dont see y this was rated so low, i loved it Episode1Racer PC
A great racing game for the N64 Episode1Racer PC
A lot of fun to race on. Episode1Racer PC

Overall I think it was a pretty good game, and the graphics were really nice, for when...


I wasn't to thrilled with a racer at first, I'm not really a sports game fan. However...

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