4x4 Evolution Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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4x4 Evolution Reviews

website score publish date article quality
www.gameraiders.com 88/100 Dec 14 '00
www.dagameboyz.net 7.95/10 Jul 08 '04
Electric Playground 8/10 Apr 16 '04
GamePro 4.0/5 Aug 01 '05
GameSpot 8.1/10 Aug 11 '00
ESCMag 8/10 Jan 04 '01
GameCenter 7/10 Dec 07 '00
Gamer's Pulse 64/100 Apr 26 '01
Gamespot UK 8.1/10 Jan 11 '01
IGN Dreamcast 7.5/10 Oct 31 '00
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4x4 Evolution Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN Dreamcast Oct 11 '00
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ESCMag on

"Overall, 4x4 Evolution is a great game, and an awesome addition to any gamer’s collection... a grand racing experience that should at the very least be sampled by any racing fan..."

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GameCenter on

"Multiplayer novelties aside, 4x4 offers a solid racing experience, even if the game is hampered a bit by some poorly designed night races and cruddy collision detection..."

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Gamer's Pulse on

"Though there's some fun to be had here, those looking for a truly enjoyable all-terrain driving experience would be better off purchasing ATV Offroad Fury for the PlayStation 2. Even going out and..."

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Gamespot UK on

"If you're a racing game fan, 4x4 Evolution has enough substance to keep you coming back for more..."

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IGN Dreamcast on

"...may be a bit rough around the edges... a full-fledged Career mode... fully-playable Online Play... vehicles are looking incredibly sharp... control thus far is a bit too heavy on the sliding......"

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