Your main goal is to discover the reason behind a crippling resource shortage throughout the land. You can add up to 5 other members to your party who will aid you in your quest.


  • 5 CDs filled with prerendered backgrounds, compelling music, and gameplay

  • Every location is unique since our backgrounds are rendered rather than tiled

  • Everything displayed in vibrant 16-bit color (65536 different colors)

  • Isometric, top-down view gives a birds eye view of the action

  • 3D height maps for realistic travel over terrain - actually climb stairs, fall into pits, and traverse rocky areas

  • Dynamic full color lighting effects

  • Realistic day to night changes in the lighting of the world

  • Rain, snow, fog, lightning, all occuring in real-time

  • Dynamic changes in character appearance - as you change a character's weapons and armor, you see it on that character

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Zubbus played Baldur's Gate
Zubbus owns Baldur's Gate
Apr 22, 10 6:26am
Finally got it to work on my PC is what I did... Well it currently works anyway. Good. Grief. BaldursGate PC
Sep 05, 09 3:35pm
Finally started playing BG again. I'm a Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric, and I plan to have a party of Imoen, Coran, Minsc, Dynaheir, and Viconia. BaldursGate PC
Oct 02, 00 11:39pm
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