One late autumn evening in the Kingdom of Liege, the King, his queen, and their heirs fall into a deep slumber from which they never wake. Following their mysterious deaths, a power struggle in the royal court ensues, and as the conflict quickly escalates, the Kingdom plunges into a bloody civil war. As war erupts across the land, the game follows the lives of soldiers caught between the noble houses vying for the throne and an underground band of outlaws with plans to incite their own revolution.

Game Play

Party-based RPG with tactical, turn-based combat. The battles focus on strategic placement of units and movement, and is inspired by games like FF Tactics, Fire Emblem, and chess.


*An interactive, epic RPG about ordinary people like us, placed in fantastic, larger-than-life circumstances.

Hardware Info

Playstation 4, Vita, WiiU, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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