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The nation of France remains in a state of complete chaos after a sudden attack by a giant creature known only as Omega. Cid, a technician and psychotherapy specialist, travels into France and works alongside his friend Ciela to put a stop to the menace. What is Omega after? Why are Cid and Ciela talking about the end of the world as they fight? At the end of a battle that transcends dreams and reality, the world will come closer and closer to the truth...

Game Play

Imaginary Range is an interactive comic, telling the story of Cid and Ciela. At parts of the comic, you will be prompted into different minigames in order to progress the story, performing tasks like unlocking doors, defending against enemies, and solving puzzles.


Interactive comic
A unique hybrid app that marries comics with video games

Hardware Info

Imaginary Range is available worldwide for free on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad,as well as the Android market, in both English and Japanese.
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