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Clouds & Sheep Reviews

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NowGamer 8.1/10 Aug 09 '11
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Pocket Gamer uk Aug 09 '11
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" The laws of physics are ignored in this Android platform game.Gravity is a cruel mistress. She keeps us locked on one miserable plane of existence, forever forced to work in bland horizontal lines, even though people keep telling us that we live on a giant ball. It's just not fair. Especially when games, such as They Need To Be Fed, are constantly rubbing our faces in it by showing us why a world without the laws of physics would be so much more fun. They Need To Be Fed is a delightful two dimensional platform romp that casts you in the role of a monochrome alien. Your job is to make sure the ravenous black blobs at the end of each level don't starve, seemingly by jumping into their gluttonous maws yourself. To reach the poor hungry space beasts, you leap from platform to platform, collecting crystals as you go. So far so simple, but They Need To Be Fed's master stroke is that its x and y axis are entirely interchangeable. If you're stood on a square platform, for example, you can walk all the way round it without falling off. It's an ingenious piece of design, and one that pays off in spades. As the levels pass by and more and more obstacles are introduced, you'll find yourself bouncing around like a maniac, trying to avoid cannon balls and spikes, whilst ensuring that you end up not just on the right platform, but the right way up as well. The whole package bristles with energy, from the catchy, downbeat theme tune to the wonderfully individual art style that runs throughout. And all for less than the price of an ice cream.They Need To Be Fed is a brilliant game. It gets the balance between pick up and play simplicity and class A drug addictiveness just right. It's enormous fun, a pleasure to look at and tests your brain in ways that few other mobile games are able."