Wario's first platformer was more than popular enough to warrant sequels, but Wario Land 2 had many changes to Wario's gameplay to separate his gameplay from that of his rival Mario.

However it isn't Mario that Wario is concerned with at all. If you thought Wario was the worst when it came to manners (or lack thereof) Captain Syrup and her pirates have ransacked Wario's Castle, trashing the place in the process. Now Wario has set out to reclaim his treasures and get a measure of payback against Syrup!

Game Play

Gameplay in Wario Land 2 takes place across a maximum of 52 stages spread across 12 chapters. Wario must gather coins, smash his enemies and solve a number of puzzles if he is to succeed.

The biggest departure from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is that Wario is Immortal and cannot die. This comes into play when it comes to solving a variety of puzzles; some enemies can actually change Wario's form temporarily.

And if you want a bonus, there's also a Time Attack mode and a Game & Watch game!


  • Up to 52 Levels over 12 Chapters
  • Battery-backed memory saves progress (Game Boy Color Only)
  • Time Attack Mode and Game & Watch Game for some extra bonuses!

Hardware Info

  • Game Boy Color: 1 Cartridge
  • Nintend 3DS: Nintendo eShop
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