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Greed has once again gotten the best of Wario but, this time, he’s seeking his riches in the video game industry! With a penny-pinching eye on development costs, Wario and his friends in Diamond City have put together a batch of hundreds of micro-sized games covering every genre thinkable. Players must finish each one in rapid succession without making too many mistakes. The number of games players must clear will go up, as players progress through the game.

This game was originally released as a 3DS Ambassador title.
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Gotenks played WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
Mar 26, 11 7:06am
Just got the japanese version made in wario. WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame 3DS
Mar 14, 11 5:28am
Beat the entire game and got every mini game except pyoro 2. WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame 3DS
Dec 07, 09 5:05pm
nice splash of color to wario's reputation WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame GBA
Jun 19, 09 9:32am
<3 WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame GBA
Young link 64
Aug 04, 08 11:55pm
Score 6.5 WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame GBA
Jun 05, 08 9:56am
not for sale WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame GBA
Jan 24, 08 5:34am
.,./ WarioWareIncMegaMicrogame GBA
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