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Tomodachi Life is a life simulation meets minigame collection where your Mii characters become the star of the show as they are subjected to random nonsense each time you tune in to the game. Create your own Miis (or import your current Mii avatar) and customize their appearances, voices and even personality traits; these will factor into how your Miis acts and reacts their surroundings and each other.

Players can also receive Mii vistors from other players through StreetPass and SpotPass, who will also make appearance in random minigames. Like the WarioWare series of games, the player is often left wondering how the minigames work before attempting to complete them; the randomness of the games and the situations they involve been player Miis are intended to be part of Tomodachi Life's appeal. These ridiculous moments can be captured using 3DS screenshots which can then be shared with friends via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

Completing minigames will reward players with items they can use to customize their Miis and their surroundings, as well as more venues themselves.


  • A variety of minigames all across the island ensures players should expect the unexpected every day they play Tomodachi Life
  • Players create and customize their Mii characters right down to their in-game personalities and voices
  • These Miis can "level up" and earn new gift items through successful completion of minigames
  • Mii characters can be saved as QR codes which players can then share with others, and Miis can also visit other players' islands through StreetPass. Note that players are recommended to unlock access to the Port in their islands if they wish to receive travelers, as this will allow the visitors to leave their islands
  • Tomodachi Life supports Nintendo's 3DS Image Share Tool, allowing players to take in-game snapshots of either screen on the 3DS and share them online via an in-game menu icon

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Tomodachi Life! The game that has been begging for a review, but I couldn't figure out how to...

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This game gets an 8/10 from me. It's well thought, cleverly put together, and with all the tings...

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How can I send my islanders to other islands? TomodachiLife 3DS
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Why must this game be so addicting? :3 TomodachiLife 3DS

Nintendo has recently announced that a demo for their next major life simulation project will... posted Jul 01, 14 7:01pm

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Tomodachi Life is a simulator for Nintendo 3DS.

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I am enjoying this game far too much. ;3; TomodachiLife 3DS
  • Genre: Life Sims (3DS)
  • Theme(s): Family
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 6, 2014
    EuropeJun 6, 2014
    JapanApr 18, 2013
    AustraliaJun 7, 2014
  • Also known as:
  • Tomodachi Life in North America
  • Tomodachi Collection: Shin Seikatsu in Japan
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